Terms and Conditions

  • Start and End date – 15 June 2024 to 15 September 2024
  • Winner is voted for by the public
  • Winners are announced at the awards ceremony on the 21st of September 2024
  • The prize is presented at the awards ceremony 
  • Customer Support: info@sapositivenews.com
  • /Call: 0798318759

Requirements from WASPA:

Network fees may apply

Contact Number: 0798318759

Logic SMS is a member of WASPA and is bound by the WASPA Code of Conduct. 

Customers have the right to approach WASPA to lodge a complaint in accordance with the WASPA complaints procedure. 

Logic SMS may be required to share information relating to a service or a customer with WASPA for the purpose of resolving a complaint. WASPA web site: www.waspa.org.za

Logic SMS has the right to suspend or terminate the services of any customer who does not comply with these terms and conditions or any other related contractual obligations.

Logic SMS has the right to take down any content (hosted as part of the service) that it considers illegal or for which it has received a take-down notice.

Handset compatibility requirements: Voting line requirement would be access to an SMS Application & free SMS don’t apply)

The service won’t be used:

  • to intentionally engage in illegal conduct
  •  to knowingly create, store or disseminate any illegal content
  • to knowingly infringe copyright
  • to knowingly infringe any intellectual property rights, or
  • to send spam or promote the sending of spam

The terms and conditions for any service must not contain clauses that contradict the requirements of this Code of Conduct

The service must only be used with the permission of the bill-payer (for paid services).

The service must only be used with the permission of a parent or guardian (for children’s services).