WINNERS 2020 - 2021

The finalists are voted for by the public to select a winner in each category.


Who we are

The Awards recognise the important social and environmental contributions made by organisations through the excellence of service, commitment to their beneficiaries, ethical behaviour and environmental sustainability.

  • These awards celebrate ordinary South Africans who are doing extra ordinary things to uplift their communities.
  • Participants (nominees) are chosen from communities by those who benefit from the services rendered by these people or the participants can nominate themselves based on the work they are doing.
  • Nominations are open online via the SAHAs website, on social media or sent via email.


  • Our panel of 5 judges selects top 5 nominees in each category. These will make a final selection list.
  • The finalists are voted for by the public to select a winner in each category.
  • Voting is done via sms for all 25 finalists from 5 categories
  • Winners are announced at the SAHAs Awards Ceremony to be held in Johannesburg.
  • All 25 finalists will attend the awards ceremony and receive certificates with winners receiving trophy & certificate.
  • Monetary prize for winners will also be introduced as more sponsors are secured.

Sunset dentistry

Community Health Award Winner

Limit Breakers

Business Empowerment Award Winner

Women's Warehouse

Women Empowerment Award Winner

A big thank you to our MC Linda Njotini -Ugbobuaku

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